Hi, I’m Peter Julber, owner of Santa Cruz Gear Repair.

With over 20 years in the sewn products industry and experience in materials, pattern making, sourcing, production and gear repair, I’m what you would call a sewing nerd.

As more folks buy quality goods they expect to last through a lifetime of adventures, the need for someone local to keep those old and new favorites going sowed the seeds for Santa Cruz Gear Repair.

In 1996, I started my first business, Cagoule Fleece, manufacturing Polarfleece accessories in Portland, Oregon. In just a few years, we grew a small, green business into a thriving enterprise. For Santa Cruz Gear Repair, I decided to apply my talent towards apparel and gear repair and knew that Santa Cruz was lacking in a dedicated shop. Before moving to Santa Cruz in 2014, I spent a year as a repair tech for a Portland-based outdoor gear repair business. We handled repairs for Patagonia, Rapha, REI, and Salomon, just to name a few.  From dog-chewed tents to ripped-up cycling kits, we gave life extensions to numerous items that would have been replaced or simply thrown out.

Since moving to Santa Cruz, my wife and I have had the opportunity to hike and explore the beaches and trails up and down the Slow Coast from Davenport to Half Moon Bay; mountain bike in Wilder Ranch, Nisene Marks, Fort Ord, plus Demo’s new Flow Trail. And of course surfing any number of breaks in town.  We’re still exploring what our new home has to offer, and are loving it more and more each day.


Find me in the following videos

Have you seen Patagonia’s Worn Wear Repair Truck? It’s an amazing biodiesel truck that travels the country performing repairs on Patagonia clothing. I’ve been a repair tech for the Worn Wear tour on numerous occasions, and even made it into the promo video! (I’m behind the machines, plus hugging a woman with Tecate can in hand at 2:50).

I even made it onto the Instagram page for Worn Wear.

It’s time to get this #WornWear Tour on the way. Who’s on board? Or on @wornwear?

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From my previous business, here’s the hat making process from material layup to cutting to sewing.