Light to heavy duty, we’ve got the machines to get your repair done right.

Cobra Class 4: aka ‘The Beast’.

A powerhouse of a machine, able to sew up to 7/8th of an inch of webbing, leather, and pretty much whatever can be thrown under the presser foot.  The long cylinder head makes it easy to get into the tightest corners of your gear, while the compound walking foot allows for precise stitching (forward and back).  The servo motor with needle positioning provides detailed accuracy.  The Beast is the go-to machine for heavy duty repairs.

Consew 29B: aka ‘Connie’.

Connie, another cylinder head machine, is what’s commonly know in the industry as a ‘shoe patcher’.  With her narrow cylinder head, she’s normally used to get into shoes to do repairs on hiking boots, shoes, etc.  We find she’s especially suited to outdoor gear repair because of her one unique trait: the presser foot rotates 360 degrees, allowing for stitching in any direction.  She excels at backpack repairs.

Juki 1854: aka ‘Barbie’.

Barbie is our Juki Bartacker. She’s the workhorse when it comes to finishing straps and adding a reinforcing bartack wherever needed.

Geo Knight DK8 Heat Press: aka ‘The Knight’.

Heat transfer presses are most commonly used to apply graphics to t-shirts, apparel, hats, coffee mugs, etc. In a gear repair setting, they’re also very good at applying seam tape to waterproof breathable garments, and for seam sealing larger patches on rain-fly repairs. We’ve got a variety of seam tape in our arsenal, from 2 and 3-ply narrow tapes to large sheets of polyurethane that can slay the largest of tent patches. Whatever tear you’ve got, ‘The Knight’ can seal it up.

Juki DLN 5410N: aka ‘Juke’.

Ole’ Juke is our oldest machine. She’s a needle feed machine, and she excels at medium-duty work. With her precise stitch accuracy, aided by a servo motor with needle positioning, she’s the go-to machine for zipper work in tents, apparel and bags.

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